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Vascular Specialist International 2018;34:83-126
Original Articles
Clinical Manifestations of Superior Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis in the Era of Computed Tomography
Joon Whoi Cho, Jae Jeong Choi, Eunhae Um, Sung Min Jung, Yong Chan Shin, Sung-Won Jung, Jae Il Kim, Pyong Wha Choi, Tae Gil Heo, Myung Soo Lee, and Heungman Jun
Vascular Specialist International 2018;34:83-87
Comparison of Outcomes of Hybrid and Surgical Correction for De Novo Arteriovenous Graft Occlusion
Dai Sik Ko, Sang Tae Choi, Won Suk Lee, Yong Soon Chun, Yeon Ho Park, and Jin Mo Kang
Vascular Specialist International 2018;34:88-93
Prognostic Factors in Patients Treated with Drug-Coated Balloon Angioplasty for Symptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease
Fragiska Sigala, George Galyfos, Kyriakos Stavridis, Konstantinos Tigkiropoulos, Ioannis Lazaridis, Dimitrios Karamanos, Vangelis Mpontinis, Nikolaos Melas, Ioulia Zournatzi, Konstantinos Filis, and Nikolaos Saratzis
Vascular Specialist International 2018;34:94-102
Clinical Outcomes of a Preoperative Inferior Vena Cava Filter in Acute Venous Thromboembolism Patients Undergoing Abdominal-Pelvic Cancer or Orthopedic Surgery
Hakyoung Kim, Youngjin Han, Gi-Young Ko, Min-Jae Jeong, Kyunghak Choi, Yong-Pil Cho, and Tae-Won Kwon
Vascular Specialist International 2018;34:103-108
Predictors for Amputation in Patients with Diabetic Foot Wound
Se-Young Kim, Tae Hoon Kim, Jun-Young Choi, Yu-Jin Kwon, Dong Hui Choi, Ki Chun Kim, Min Ji Kim, Ho Kyung Hwang, and Kyung-Bok Lee
Vascular Specialist International 2018;34:109-116
Case Reports
Left Common Femoral to Right Common Iliac Venous Bypass Through a Retroperitoneal Exposure
Cesar Cuen-Ojeda, Luis O Bobadilla-Rosado, Ramon Garcia-Alva, Luis H. Arzola, Javier E. Anaya-Ayala, and Carlos A. Hinojosa
Vascular Specialist International 2018;34:117-120
Hybrid Approach of Ruptured Type B Aortic Dissection with an Aberrant Subclavian Artery in a Single Patient with Turner Syndrome: A Case Report
Shin-Ah Son, Kyoung Hoon Lim, and Gun-Jik Kim
Vascular Specialist International 2018;34:121-126
Vascular Specialist International (VSI) is an international journal opened to everyone involved in the treatment and/or prevention of vascular diseases. Dealing with vascular disease in the 21st century has become a complex process, needing a better understanding of its....
Duplex Criteria for Carotid Artery Stenosis
Jin Hyun Joh, M.D., Hyung Joon Ahn, M.D., Deok Ho Nam, M.D. and Ho Chul Park, M.D.
Antithrombotic Agents
Seok Kyu Oh, M.D.
Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine
Young-Mee Lee, M.D, PhD, MSED