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Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:121-73
Safety and Efficacy of Catheter Direct Thrombolysis in Management of Acute Iliofemoral Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Systematic Review
Ahmed Elbasty, and James Metcalf
Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:121-134
Original Articles
Occurrences and Results of Acute Kidney Injury after Endovascular Aortic Abdominal Repair?
Jeahong Lee, Keun-Myoung Park, Sungteak Jung, Wonpyo Cho, Kee Chun Hong, Yong Sun Jeon, Soon Gu Cho, and Jung Bum Lee
Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:135-139
Comparison of Clinical Outcomes between Surgical Repair and Endovascular Stent for the Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Jun Ho Yang, Jong Woo Kim, Ho Chul Choi, Hyun Oh Park, In Seok Jang, Chung Eun Lee, Seong Ho Moon, Jeong Hun Byun, and Jun Young Choi
Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:140-145
Neuropsychological Outcome One Year after Carotid Revascularization: A before-and-after Study
Laura Casas-Hernanz, Maite Garolera, Dolors Badenes, Salvador Quintana, Susana Millán, Noemi Calzado, Jorge de Francisco, Josep Royo, and Miquel Aguilar
Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:146-155
Intraoperative Vascular Surgical Consultation during Non-Vascular Surgeries in Tertiary Centers by Vascular Surgeon
Sung-Bin Park, Keun-Myoung Park, Yong Sun Jeon, Soon Gu Cho, and Kee Chun Hong
Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:156-159
Vascular Complications Related to Posterior Lumbar Disc Surgery
Hong Sung Jung, Dae Jung Kim, Hyo Shin Kim, Ho Kyun Lee, Soo Jin Na Choi, and Sang Young Chung
Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:160-165
Case Reports
Femoral Endovenectomy with Iliac Stenting for Chronic Iliofemoral Venous Occlusion
Won Pyo Cho, Sungsin Cho, Min-Ji Cho, Sanghyun Ahn, Sang-il Min, Jongwon Ha, and Seung-Kee Min
Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:166-169
Rescue Technique for Malposition Caused by Mislabeled Stent Graft in Thoracic Aneurysm
Hyuk Jae Jung, Bong Soo Son, Do Hyung Kim, and Sang Su Lee
Vascular Specialist International 2017;33:170-173
Vascular Specialist International (VSI) is an international journal opened to everyone involved in the treatment and/or prevention of vascular diseases. Dealing with vascular disease in the 21st century has become a complex process, needing a better understanding of its....
Duplex Criteria for Carotid Artery Stenosis
Jin Hyun Joh, M.D., Hyung Joon Ahn, M.D., Deok Ho Nam, M.D. and Ho Chul Park, M.D.
Diagnosis and Treatment of Lower Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis: Korean Practice Guidelines
Seung-Kee Min, Young Hwan Kim, Jin Hyun Joh, Jin Mo Kang, Ui Jun Park, Hyung-Kee Kim, Jeong-Hwan Chang, Sang Jun Park, Jang Yong Kim, Jae Ik Bae, Sun Young Choi, Chang Won Kim, Sung Il Park, Nam Yeol Yim, Yong Sun Jeon, Hyun-Ki Yoon, and Ki Hyuk Park
Received August 9, 2016; Accepted August 9, 2016.
Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency
Alessandro Rasman
Received September 8, 2015; Accepted September 14, 2015.