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Aims and Scope

About this journal

The Korean Society for Vascular Surgery (Vasc Specialist Int) is the official journal of the Korean Society for Vascular Surgery (pISSN 2288-7970; eISSN 2288-7989). The journal VSI was first published in 1985 under the title ‘Journal of the Korean Vascular Society’ (ISSN 1229-991X) in Korean. The journal was renamed ‘The Korean Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery’ (ISSN 1229-991X) in 2011, and it has been published in English under the name ‘Vasc Specialist Int' since 2014.

Vasc Specialist Int is indexed in PubMed, PubMed Central, ScienceCentral, KoreaMed, KoMCI Web, KoreaMed Synapse, Korea Citation Index, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and WorldWideScience. All the articles can be accessed on our website ( All manuscripts must be submitted online through the website. To subscribe to this journal or renew your current subscription, please contact the Editorial Office.

Vasc Specialist Int is a peer-reviewed open-access international journal published every quarter at the end of March, June, September, and December in both online and printed versions. It includes original research articles, review articles, case reports, and technical notes in the field of vascular specialties. The journal is open to all research related to the peripheral vasculature and lymphatic system, including vascular surgery, endovascular intervention, hybrid surgery, vascular medicine, angiology, basic research, diagnostic imaging, functional outcomes, and rehabilitation, among others.

Aims and Scope

The Korean Society for Vascular Surgery (Vasc Specialist Int, VSI) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal open to everyone involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and/or prevention of vascular diseases. VSI takes a multidisciplinary approach to vascular diseases by all “vascular specialists”, including vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, interventional cardiologists, angiologists, vascular technologists, and nurses. Vascular specialists with a profound knowledge of diseases and advanced therapeutic skills are required for the modern practice of vascular diseases, and this journal aims to provide a space for sharing new knowledge between these specialists, irrespective of their affiliated departments. VSI also seeks to provide knowledge of vascular diseases from all around the world, especially—but not entirely—in Asia. The journal deals with disease characteristics from different ethnicities and backgrounds, including epidemiology, clinical manifestation, and treatment outcomes in different populations. The journal also welcomes challenging/informative case reports or innovative technical notes, through which authors can share different experiences and demonstrate how everyday practices are performed in the real world.

VSI publishes Original Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports, Technical Notes, Editorials, and Letters to the Editor, with a focus on the following areas of expertise:

  • • Precision Surgery or Patient-tailored Vascular Surgery
  • • OncoVascular Surgery
  • • Robotics/Laparoscopic Vascular Surgery
  • • Open, Endovascular or Hybrid Surgery
  • • Vascular Trauma
  • • Surgeon-Reconstructed Graft or Physician-Modified Endograft
  • • Novel Antithrombotic drugs, Anticoagulants, and Antiplatelets
  • • Rare or low-frequency vascular disease
  • • Novel vascular imaging
  • • Lymphatic disease and endolymphatic interventions
  • • Clinical Trials
  • • Basic/Translational Research
  • • Aneurysmal disease
  • • Peripheral arterial occlusive disease
  • • Venous thrombosis or reflux disease
  • • Vascular access, catheters, and arteriovenous fistula
  • • Therapeutic angiogenesis and wound healing

June 2019, 35 (2)